XPEL Sees Victory in British GT and Porsche Cup Protecting Championship Winning Race Cars

British GT McLaren Artura GT4 racing XPEL ppf

XPEL UK proudly extends its heartfelt congratulations to the outstanding achievements of the Max Bird and Redline Racing Team in winning the 2023 Porsche Carrera Cup of Great Britain PRO-AM Championship. Piloting a Porsche 911 GT3 CUP (Type-992), Max Bird showcased remarkable skill and determination, securing a well-deserved victory for his rookie season. Further commendations go to driver Steve Roberts, who clinched an impressive 2nd place overall in the Porsche Sprint Challenge of Great Britain, PRO Class. Rounding off an impressive season for Redline Racing.  

In the world of British GT, we congratulate Jack Brown and Charles Clark for securing a 2nd place finish in the GT4 Drivers Championship and winning the GT4 Silver Championship. In the hands of Brown and Charles, the Optimum Motorsport McLaren Artura GT4 won two races while leading the championship for most of the season. 

Porsche Cup racing 911 GT3 race car XPEL ppf

XPEL Protects the Fastest Cars in the Field

A great racing car runs on the support of its crew. A good racing team needs to work in a synchronized mesh of moving parts like the internal workings of the engine they support. Everyone has a role to play in this ecosystem of speed and endurance. Our part was protecting these engineering marvels against the harsh wear of racing.  


XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS Paint Protection Film (PPF) played a pivotal role in safeguarding Max Bird’s Porsche GT3 CUP Car throughout every intense race of the 2023 season.  

Porsche Cup racing 911 GT3 race car XPEL ppf

The superior quality of the surface protection film became the first line of defense, shielding our race cars from stone chips, road debris, and the inevitable wear and tear of racing at such a competitive level. Its exceptional clarity ensured that our team’s vibrant livery remained vivid and showcased our sponsors in the best light, even under the most challenging circuit racing conditions. 

Porsche Cup racing GT4 race car XPEL ppf

Beyond the racecourse, we are equally proud to have played a part in maintaining both Max Bird’s Porsche GT3 and Steve Roberts’ Porsche GT4 race cars between races. Our premium car care products ensured these thoroughbred cars shined like show cars. From Detail Spray and Rinse Free Car Wash to our hydrophobic Ceramic Boost, each XPEL car care product was instrumental in preserving these high-performance machines’ cleanliness and aesthetic appeal. 

British GT McLaren Artura GT4 racing XPEL ppf

Geared Up for the Next Challenge

We express our deepest gratitude to these talented racing teams for choosing us as their trusted partner in protection. The victories achieved by Max Bird, Steve Roberts, Jack Brown, Charles Clark, and their respective teams are a testament to their skill, dedication, and trust in XPEL’s innovative solutions.  

Here’s to more victories on the horizon. XPEL UK is honored to protect these incredible teams in their pursuit of excellence. Congratulations! 

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