For years, automotive enthusiasts have had a love / hate relationship with gloss black – it’s tricky to maintain, shows scratches easily, and the water spots never stop. It’s time to forget all that. We took everything great about our top performing PPF, and made the glossiest black protective film imaginable.


High Gloss Black Finish

Let paint correction and polishing be a thing of the past. Achieve the deep, glossy black finish you’ve always wanted without the hassle & even less maintenance with ULTIMATE PLUSTM BLACK PPF.

Self-Healing Film Topcoat

Just like standard ULTIMATE PLUSTM or STEALTHTM PPF, ULTIMATE PLUSTM BLACK is engineered with a unique, self-healing topcoat. By applying warm water or sunlight, minor scratches and swirls will disappear from the film’s surface.

Improved Impact Protection & Durability

On or off the track, ULTIMATE PLUSTM BLACK PPF provides impact resistance to keep paint intact while offering a durable layer between your vehicle and whatever the road decides to throw your way.

Discoloration & Stain Resistant

Keep paint protected from water spots to bird droppings, bug acid and more. Forget about the hassle of maintaining a gloss black finish – ULTIMATE PLUSTM BLACK will look consistent and stain-free from even the harshest contaminants.

Superior Fit & Customizable Coverage

Take restyling to the next level with protection to match. ULTIMATE PLUSTM BLACK can be designed, shaped, and cut to create a unique look on any vehicle & keep high impact areas safe from taking a beating.

10 Year XPEL Warranty

This product is designed to last. Like all XPEL protective film, ULTIMATE PLUSTM BLACK is backed by a 10-year manufacturer warranty that’s serviceable at any XPEL Certified installer. Click here for warranty information.


Check out images below for inspiration on how to utilize ULTIMATE PLUSTM BLACK Paint Protection Film to stylize your next protective project.

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